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We develop leisure and tourist projects of any scope and complexity all around Europe

We know how to make good:

Water parks
Theme parks
Amusement parks
SPA centres
Landscape parks

Main services of ART Stepanov company


    - Strategic planning of the project;

    - Definition ofthe concept and preliminary project examination;

    - Elaboration of the business plan;

    - Research of entertainment market;

    - Evaluation of project’s future costs and incomes;

    - Feasibilitystudy;

    - Engineering (drawings, models, computer modeling).


    - Calculation of metal and concrete structures;

    - Specifications of water and another attractions;

    - Engineering of hydraulic system (water motion, filtration and water supply);

    - Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;

    - Water supply and sewerage;

    - Electricity supply systems of average and low voltage and emergency power supply;

    - Layout and installation of lightening and audio equipment (lights and audio engineering);

    - Ground grid;

    - Security systems (alarm system, video surveillance etc)

    - Home electronics and communication system;

    - Dispatch system of engineering systems.


    - Collection and preparation of permits;

    - Development ofplans of project’s internal communication;

    - Building of teams by assignments:construction, project management, engineering, design;

    - Management of construction and finishing works;

    - Design and creation of concrete sculptures;

    - Procurement and assembling of attractions;

    - Stylistic decoration of the site.


    - Commissioning of the site to the investor;

    - Development of action plan on site’s operation and service;

    - Management of engineering systems and technical equipment;

    - Design and management of site’s infrastructure(administrative service, cleaning, parking, site improvement, securitysystem of the site, IT service etc.);

    - Precautionary maintenance;

    - Control of the conditions of engineering and technical systems of the site,precautionary maintenance according to the approved plan;

    - Communications with tenants;

    - Financial and economic analysis of the project.

ART Stepanov ‒ professionalism and traditions

We are an international company which was founded in 2005 by Aleksey Stepanov, a world-famous artist, renovator, sculptor and designer. Our projects are the best parks of Europe and Ukraine. The team of ART Stepanov creates turn-key tourist projects, water parks, zoos and leisure centres, developing the tiniest details from the concept to construction and launch. Our front office is located in Kyiv.
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Concrete from ART Stepanov

Our works, elements of external and internal decorations are made of high-strength concrete, developed on the base of concrete and special plasticizers produced with the unique technology of ART Stepanov. Our concrete is suitable for any climate and territorial peculiarities of regions or countries. Also our concrete has all corresponding quality certificates and guaranty term.

ART Stepanov Landscape - a team of professional designers and sculptors, creates solutions for companies and private customers, helping them to turn ideas into reality.
Waterfalls: We create various artificial waterfalls and exclusive decorative water elements for closed and opened spaces.
Amusements and facing of various structures: Our sculptures can become an ideal facing for structures and amusements.
SPA & Wellness interiors, hotel complexes: Create a space for relaxation and harmony in your Spa.
Environment: We create decorative living environment from artificial rocks for animals, reptiles, fishes and etc.
Stone: We offer stone facades for entertainment industry, SPA & Wellness centers, interior decorations for shopping and leisure centers and private projects.

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Our projects

We have been creating concepts, constructing and developing leisure infrastructure at the territory of America, Europe and Ukraine for 10 years.
Gorky Park
Kharkov, Ukraine
Design development, concept determination and project implementation
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Waterpark «Near the Lukomorie»
Evpatoria, Crimea
Design development, concept determination and project implementation
View work
Waterpark «Atlantis»
Yalta, Crimea
Design development, concept determination and project implementation
View work
"Petrified sink"
Kyiv, Ukraine
Private facility
View work
Decorative Wall "Bionics"
Kyiv, Ukraine
Private facility
View work
Kyiv, Ukraine
Private facility
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