We make dreams become reality...

, our expertise allows us to be one of the leaders in the creation of concrete decors. We developed hundreds of creative projects adapted to international standards.

From private to state projects, ART STEPANOV team will guide and assist you from conception to completion. Together, we will create that fantastic Universe you always dreamed of!



Each and every client has specific needs. ART STEPANOV adapts its services according to the priorities of each customer, always aiming to exceed expectations.
We specialize in the design, planning and creation of leisure projects all over the world.
ART Stepanov creates entertainment and tourism projects, regardless of size and complexity, including: water parks, adventure parks, zoos, theme parks, leisure centers, hotels, residences, hotel complexes, recreation centers, restaurants, cottage communities, movie theaters, theme pools, exhibition centers, sports arenas and other landscape integration projects in architectural concrete.


Our team has extensive international experience working on projects such as Disneyland Paris, My Dreamland Family Entertainment Center (Osny, France), Splash World Provence Water Park (Avignon, France).
The in-house know-how and special technologies developed by our architects have no competition. Our team creates artificial rocks of natural patina, ruins of ancient cities, themed entrances, sculptures, pools and ponds, natural landscapes with viaducts, waterfalls, flooring. Our architectural concrete products are well tolerated by winter temperature fluctuations, humidity and dryness.



Our integrated design office is at your disposal to assist you in creating the desired concept according to your needs, current trends and technological innovations.



The validation of the preliminary and final design is of a decisive importance for the success of your project. The 3D plans will help visualize the general esthetic product incorporated in the overall architectural landscape.



Our detailed manufacturing plans and technical data sheets allow the client and his architect to validate every aesthetic, technical and functional aspect according to the highest quality standards.



The installation is carried out by our experienced and specialized technicians, supervised by the technical director, who will deliver the final product and maintenance instructions.

About us

Since 1997, Art Stepanov Company has been turning monotonous gray concrete into bright works of art. Thanks to a team of high-level professionals and a wide range of building materials, we can imitate the texture of any stone or aged wood.

Few people imagine that concrete can be different – bright, colorful, alive!

Our strong infrastructure and staff allows us to consider projects as a whole, globally and fully adapted to any preferences of investors, as well as to create them with a tailor-made approach from the concept and design to full detailing, including theming, lighting, installation of attractions, installation of water supply systems.

The parks we work on from idea to full implementation are full of concept, profitable, interesting, individual, exciting and attract millions of visitors each year, thereby expanding the infrastructure, adding jobs and improving the standard of living in the region.

Everything started with a childhood dream about football: Alexey Stepanov trained in the junior team of Dynamo as a goalkeeper and later was invited to play for the Belgian club. At the same time, the young man entered the Liège Academy of Arts. As it did not work out with the soccer, Alexey decided to turn more and more towards his other passion, so he went to work for a Belgian company, which made copies of famous sculptures for the Louvre and the British Museum. Then followed grandiose projects: the Antwerp Zoo and the famous French Disneyland: “...that was exactly the experience which greatly influenced my career, because I actually saw how one should work, how one should love one's work, how one should devote himself to it and what the organization should be like.

After a couple of years spent in Belium, Alexey settled in the United States - portrait painting and teaching Art at the local academy. But he terribly missed his homeland and so decided to return for a new start in Ukraine.

Sculpture Art, which was so much admired in Europe, was perceived as informal in Ukraine.

Back home, Alexey began his career as a sculptor in a small village in Ternopil region. There he created magnificent sculptures in a fairy tale style based on the old ukranian forest songs: ... I love working with stone, it fascinates me! I look at it and I feel like witnessing thousands of years...and concrete allows me to make beautiful imitations. We can simulate rusty metal, any kind of wood, minerals, waterfalls, really anything!”.

Soon followed large-scale projects, including the design of Gorky Park in Kharkov and two aqua land in the Crimea, like "U Lukomorye", based on a work by Alexander Pushkin. Another water park-hotel is the mysterious imitative Atlantis Park, built in 2013 in Yalta.

Alexey Stepanov inspiration as an artist also draws from ancient Ukrainian coloring and folklore; he is fond of Trypillian culture. He loves turning domestic parks, hotels and gardens into monumental works of art. However, his most cherished dream is to build a real Disneyland near Kiev. His own style amazes by the naturalness and authenticity of his sculptures. Nothing unnecessary: just the cement, the sand and his wild inspiration. The desire to create something unique and inimitable - something that is given to us by nature and cherished through human hands.



We like sharing with our community our projects and work in progress.

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Press Articles

We like sharing with our community our projects – and the Press talks about it!

Find out some of the latest articles on the web.

Press Articles

We like sharing with our community our projects – and the Press talks about it!

Find out some of the latest articles on the web.


What our clients say…

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Alexey and his team, because our both companies have the same values, one of them being: Daring to dream! Their expertise brought our fairytale to real life and today thousands of children together with their parents enjoy the beautiful outcome.

Vlada Odo

Marketing & Project Manager. My Dreamland Family Entertainment Center. Osny, France

A creative team of young professionals who, despite many difficulties, take on very challenging projects with passion. They quickly learned from their mistakes and corrected them thanks to an easy communication with the other contractors and the client. They are not afraid to take responsibility, including the financial ones. The result has satisfied me, being a very demanding perfectionist client, and now regularly evokes genuine interest, and sometimes sincere admiration among the Club's guests.

A. Grekov


On behalf of the Kiev Zoo, we would like to thank the team of Art Stepanov, who participated in the reconstruction of the zoo and created a 15-meters sculpture of a giraffe, which has become the zoo's visit card! The team also created unique decorations for the pelican, elephant, gorilla and lion enclosures. Our collaboration with Art Stepanov team continues for the decoration of certain sections of the zoo!

Kiev Zoo


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